Backcountry Snowshoes

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gear review: Snowshoers, here’s your boot

Walkers have is in finding a boat that much heat and support have been
frustrated. But Lowa, MA Paluka GTX fills the need for finding
products reviewer Dan Nelson.

Although snowshoeing has grown in popularity each year for the last 15
years or so, participants are still struggling to improve the quality
of the search for appropriate shoes for your sport.

This, MA by repeated e-mails, he received last month, the AM section
of snow sports that a review of the evidence presented new snowshoes.
Sympathetic to the reader frustrated. Snowshoe hikers need warmth and
support in their boots, but too often end up choosing one or the
other. Here, the AM a great selection of snow boots.

Fortunately, a few companies that understand the needs of hikers, and
one of them, Iowa, offers a new boat, the best snow I start, Äôve that
can never be used. We Äôve these new GTX boots Paluka tried to kick at
the falls of recent weeks, snowshoeing through the meadows of Mount
Rainier paradise at the top of the line of Hurricane Ridge in Olympic
Games, and up and clearings below Blewett pass area.
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I found that offer the perfect blend Äôve Paluks clamping foot and
ankle, climate (water) and heat protection. A patented coating
provides excellent thermal insulation, while Gore-Tex, a waterproof
leather upper provides synthetic bound feet stay dry. A light
protective rubber surrounding the bottom of the shoe and provides
protection from water, but even more important to reach a non-slip
resistant surface and snowshoe bindings. A sole bites multi-density
snow still sheds some AOT so you do not end with bunches under my

Crescent Moon Back Country Snow Shoes

Cited by many experts as the best snowshoes off-track for fast and
travel light, allowing Crescent Moon Gold 10 cruise, climb, or hike
through all kinds of winter conditions. The Gold 10 features a TIG
welded aluminum frame covered with dust that the strong and durable,
with excellent enterprise single loop (SPL) adjustable binding - a
comfortable and supportive system that includes a stirrup buckle heel
safe gel polymer. As a bonus, Gold 10 snowshoes offer more than others
cross the clutches of Crescent Moon snowshoes, with hardened stainless
steel crampons provide deeper biting action. And thanks to lightweight
materials and increased surface, the gold 10 is a true weapon of the
weekend attacks on the mountain. Other details include a
teardrop-shaped frame, which is a natural step optimal flotation
supply at the track, a colorful design, and of course T Surlyn covered
front. The Gold 10 snowshoes, a wide range of sizes of shoes (size 5
to fit women size 13 for men), are suitable for hikers up to 225
pounds. The shoes are also a lifetime warranty.

Key Features of Crescent Moon Snowshoes:
The most important part of a snowshoe trek is the union. It should be
easy to use and intuitive, offering support in all conditions are
comfortable and efficient transfer of energy to the drive system at
each step. Therefore, Crescent Moon SPL (single-loop-invented pull)
adjustable binding. You get the response and control you need and get
a great sense of confidence to go up or down any road with a pair of
snowshoes from Crescent Moon.

The SPL is the link easier entry and exit in the bond market: you just
put your foot in the stirrup and pull up (and out is just as easy).
The union has its entire foot in the same tension, leading to a better
fit and comfort of the toe to the heel with side to side stability for
significantly better performance than open-toed "binding designs. This
simple design is the result of extensive testing and years of use by
customers of Crescent Moon from around the world.

Platform (Table & Coatings)
To ensure optimal flotation, Crescent Moon Snowshoes are balanced to
their body weight over the entire shoe to distribute. The design also
makes it easier to get out of the snow, so you do not have to go to
work so hard, hiking and climbing. The unique teardrop shape platform
is based on the shape of the foot: variety at the ball and narrow
heel. Instead of forcing waddle, ergonomic design helps your feet
clear of each other every step to ensure a smooth length, natural
pace, while allowing it to concentrate on his adventure.

The frame is made of lightweight aluminum tubing, shaped by hand and
made of tungsten inert gas (TIG), which is of incredible strength,
durability, soldiers, and reliability. The surface is made of an
especially durable, lightweight material called TGS (good) that is not
easily broken or not performed. It is extremely resistant to abrasion
and textured for added traction and performance. A new coating
material is in the environmentally friendly processes and ingredients
as possible and not use PVC.

Crescent Moon is the only system of three claw crampon traction in the
marketplace so that we can actually control. Intrinsically better than
the usual two-crampon systems, offers just the tip of the claw real a
snowshoe walk. When walking, use your whole foot, shifting weight
balance and traction to every step. Crescent Moon stainless teeth and
claws digging steel not only in the heel and ball, but also in the
fingers to give you full control. All crampons crescent has come with
a protective film, snow-shedding shields to prevent an accumulation of
snow and ice.